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A to Z of Hypnotherapy Treatment Scripts


Anyone who is serious about becoming truly successful in the World of Mind Therapy using Hypnosis needs this manual which is supplied on CD-ROM in Html format which can easily be viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer and similar programs.


Well over 60+ Hypnotherapy Treatment Scripts which have been tried, tested and proven to be effective in the real world are included along with a bonus section explaining in simple step by step detail how to write your own scripts for any other things you may encounter during your work.
Whatever problem your client has from A through to Z you can bet your bottom dollar that this CD-ROM contains a powerful treatment Script for it!

Also included as a Special Free Bonus are Five (05) Audio MP3 Treatment Sessions which will enable the student to learn the correct tonality of voice to use, when to pause and generally how to use your voice effectively to get the best results from each and every Hypnotherapy session that you conduct.

We have even included lots of Extra Free gifts for you on this CD-ROM such as several step by step tuition manuals in the art of Hypnotherapy which are worth many times the cost of the entire CD-ROM alone!


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