>>Allergy Relief Hypnotherapy Audio CD Set

Allergy Relief Hypnotherapy Audio CD Set


Allergy Relief – Hypnotherapy Audio CD
(With Free Bonus Self-Improvement Training)



It is common for many of us to suffer from allergic reactions, be it from foodstuffs, certain types of clothing fabrics, dust or other airborne particles. The allergic reaction is caused by your immune system over-reacting to the allergen.

The Allergy Relief Self Hypnosis CD can help make you more comfortable by lowering your reaction to the allergens.

Hypnotherapy treatment has been shown to be highly effective in successfully treating many problems and this unique audio treatment session which will be sent to you as a physical product on CD could be just the solution you have been looking for in your quest for Allergy Relief.

This powerful studio quality audio recording is like having your own personal Hypnotherapist on tap 24 hours a day and offers you the convenience of being available to use whenever you may feel it is needed until your problem is solved perhaps permanently!

The session has been specifically tailored by one of Jonathan Royle’s American Colleagues in order to help solve the problems faced by those with Allergy’s and is highly recommended both to those who wish to use the CD for themselves and also to people training in Hypnotherapy who want to learn the most effective way for treating their future clients who may have this issue.

Please note this is not some cheaply produced or ineffective recording as sold by many people on the internet but rather is a full length (40 mins+) Professional Hypnotherapy Treatment Session specifically scripted, designed and formulated to be highly successful in the area of Allergy Relief.


When you order today we’ll also send you a CD-ROM containing no less than seventeen (17) detailed Ebook’s teaching you how to use Self-Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Techniques in all areas of your life…

As an added bonus you’ll receive 30 Audio MP3 “mini audio therapy sessions” covering common issues and problems that may arise in your life and to top it all This bonus CD will also contain an MP3 Recording of Jonathan Royle’s very own 53 minute long “Complete Mind Therapy Session” which has been structured such that it has been shown to be successful in helping to treat most every problem you can think of from A through to Z.

The contents of this package, if purchased separately would cost well over £147+ however as a special introductory offer you can get your hands on this bumper, potentially life changing package for just 10% of its contents usual cost!

Yes that’s right order today and get your Two Disk Bumper Package for just £14.70p


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