>>Case Dismissed and Stapled

Case Dismissed and Stapled


To a logical patter story about gambling, four red-backed Queens are shown front and back. Suddenly large black crosses appear on their backs and then the cards change to having blue backs with black crosses on them. They then change back to red backs and then all four cards are shown to have become Jokers before the routine ends with all the cards magically vanishing!



Devised by Royle this routine uses a variant on a well-known sleight It is explained along with the set up, how to make the necessary cards easily at home, patter and full working routine within the pages of this fourteen-page A4 printed manuscript. A bonus effect “Stapled” is also explained whereby a spectator’s signed card, which is stapled between two others, magically comes free of its bonds! As a special free bonus Royle also explains an amazing mental effect using just 8 cards and explains how to make his Cigarette through Matchbox gimmick.


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