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Celebrity Life Can Be A Drag



On this DVD you will witness experienced Female Impersonator Ryan Carrington aka Lady Sapphire Dior performing her first ever full evening Drag Queen Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show at Bar Vegas Fun Bar in Rochdale, England.


Whether you just want a couple of hours of enjoyable entertainment or have aspirations of following in her footsteps as a Drag Queen Hypnotist this DVD is a must buy purchase for you.

The DVD (which is UK format but can be played on most DVD players and certainly in most all computers around the world) also contains Bonus Files which can be accessed on your PC.

These Bonus files include many hours of audio within which Top Television Hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle interviews Drag Queen Sensation Lady Sapphire Dior at great length and you can really hear and feel the true emotion coming through at all times.

You will also find a copy of Lady Sapphire Dior’s Autobiography in the bonus section entitled Confessions of a female impersonator by Lady Sapphire Dior. This is an autobiography of the well-known female impersonator, describing the teenage years, the gay scene, the marriage, and much more. Taken in its entirety, it’s an insight into what makes Lady Sapphire tick. An entertaining read by a true entertainer.

And between the audio and text combined you will discover the true tricks of the trade enabling even a novice to become a Confident and Competent Drag Queen Performer far more easily.

And indeed as Lady Sapphire Dior herself has now done you could combine your new knowledge and skills as a Drag Queen together with your talents of Stage Hypnosis to enter the lucrative “niche” market of being one of the very few Comedy Drag Queen Stage Hypnotists in the world today!

By studying the contents of this DVD and also reading Jonathan Royle’s book “Confessions Of A Hypnotist” your future success as a Drag Queen Hypnotist is practically guaranteed.


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