CMT Fast Track Audio & Text Course



Whether you have previous experience of Hypnotherapy & NLP or not this is the training package you have been looking for.


Using this information packed CD-ROM you will easily be able to become a Confident & Competent Practitioner of Royle’s Unique and Powerful Approach of Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) enabling you to successfully treat most any person with most any problem from A through to Z within a single 60 to 75 minute treatment session.

Within this package you will find all of the following:

*A complete step by step manual teaching every element of the Complete Mind Therapy Session Structure explaining why each element is used as it is and revealing exactly how to conduct your treatment sessions for maximum success.

*A copy of the actual Pre-Session questionnaire used by Royle in order to dramatically increase his success rates with clients whatever their problem and details of how the answers to each of the questions is used to maximum effect.

*A complete word for word script for conducting the treatment session (once you have them in Trance) which many experts consider to be by far the greatest and most powerful & effective Hypnotherapy & NLP style treatment script ever devised or released to the industry. And best of all its structured so that it will prove successful in treating most any person with most any problem within a single 60 to 75 minute session.

*Finally you will also receive an MP3 Audio Recording of Jonathan Royle delivering the entire Complete Mind Therapy Script in order that you may listen and learn the exact pauses, voice tones, inflection and speech patterns to use when using the script for yourself and with your own clients.

*Combine reading the written text version of the script together with listening to the audio of the session and you will become a true master of Complete Mind Therapy in next to no time!

This is perhaps one of the most valuable training aids ever released to the Hypnosis and NLP industry so grab your copy today.


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