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Complete Medical Hypnotherapy Course


Researched, written and compiled by Dr. Brian Howard an experienced Mind Therapist of over 50+ years experience, this is the original training course in Hypnotherapy which Top Television Hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle studied in order to set him on the path to become one of the Worlds Most Powerful and in Demand Hypnotists!


Written in a simple step by step manner, no stone is left unturned and you truly do learn with the greatest of ease all of the jealously guarded shortcut secrets to becoming a high earning Hypnotherapist.

Dr. Howard also includes a Unique Accelerated Learning System with this comprehensive course in order that you may “Earn As You Learn” and start earning big money by treating people with most any problem from A through to Z with success from day one of your studies!

There has never been, to our knowledge an easier or more direct and straightforward way to become a Professional Hypnotherapist and as such this course is worth many times its weight in gold to any student of the Hypnotic Arts as it takes even the Novice to Advanced Professional Standard in record time.

Whatever your knowledge of Hypnosis and Hypnotism if you want to learn the true secrets of Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapy then Dr. Brian Howard is the person to teach you!


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