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Dear Hypnotic Truth Seeker,

Amazingly Royle made a truly life changing confession to the privileged few who had attended his Hypnotic Training event…

There were audible gasps of shock as Royle revealed that Hypnosis DOES TRULY EXIST and that apparent MIRACLES can be worked using the true hidden secret’s of Hypnosis!

These Secrets were, until recently hidden in history and trace back to Mesmer himself, The Native American Indian’s and other Spiritual Healing Systems…

Those who attended this Mind Blowing Event witnessed first hand with their own eyes the following MIRACLE:

Without using any stooges, verbal or non verbal cueing methods or devices, without using post hypnotic suggestions or indeed any conventional hypnotic techniques Dr. Jonathan Royle picked a
volunteer at random from his crowd and merely asked this person to stand facing the wall in front of them so that their back was turned on Royle himself.

It’s important to note that both the volunteer and audience had absolutely no idea whatsoever of what Royle was about to demonstrate and as such the usual idea of expectation also was ruled out…

Royle took several steps back until he was standing about 10 feet away from his volunteer, he remained silent and then placed his arm out with his hand pointing towards the volunteers back as he visually seemed to enter a trance of his own…

Suddenly and without any warning of any kind Royle clenched his fist and pulled his hand back towards himself and at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME the volunteer who was until then standing upright with his back to Royle FELL BACKWARDS TO THE FLOOR unable to remain standing as Royle had pulled him over using PSYCHIC ENERGY & INTENT ALONE.

Yes, you may have seen the TV’s Mind Control Expert doing something that looked the same on his Channel Four Show, however Royle did not use suggestion, conventional hypnosis or magical
trickery of any kind to achieve this seeming miracle, and to prove his point repeated the process several times on demand over this unique training weekend…

Now for the first time ever this MOST POWERFUL SECRET is being released as a Strictly Limited Edition Home Study Training DVD.

You’ll see Royle demonstrate his “ENERGY SURG-ERY” and you’ll learn the true, tried, tested and proven to work secret’s of one of the most powerful Hypnotists who ever lived, enabling you to become the best Hypnotist & Healer you could ever become.

You’ll hear confirmation from the volunteer used in Royle’s demonstration of “Energy Surg-ery” that everything occurred exactly as you’ll see it on DVD, which is exactly how the delegates at this event saw it live in the room much to their shock and amazement.

Best of all Royle not only teaches you EXACTLY how he achieved this MIRACLE, but more importantly and valuable to you, he then explains how to use this same technique to become The Worlds Greatest Hypnotherapist, Healer or even Stage Hypnotist.

Yes, these SECRET’S truly are that powerful. It may all sound a little like Science Fiction when you read it here, but see this with your own eyes, discover the SECRET’S that have remained hidden for years and then you will truly realise the missing link which, until now has stopped you becoming as powerful as you can and will be when you put this DVD’s contents to use both in your work and everyday life!

The Official Release price of this Amazing Training DVD will be £47 and to be honest even at that price its way too cheap as its contents are truly dynamite, unique and unlike anything you have ever seen before, however order today and you get all these secrets FREE as part of this TEN DVD COURSE.

Incidentally you’ll also witness Royle performing rapid and instant induction’s on other audience members and witness why, Royle is regarded by many as The True King of Hypnotists.

Be warned, this DVD, like the other nine DVDS in this Unique Home Study Course, is totally unlike anything that Royle has ever written, recorded, taught or released in any manner before and watching it is likely to BLOW YOUR MIND as you realise in True X-Files Style that the truth really is on these DVD’S!


This Course is mind blowing, life changing and explosive in content, detail and its revelations of secrets which have been jealously guarded for years, now Royle has lifted the lid and finally told the real truth about HYPNOSIS!

You could pay many thousands of pounds for other inferior courses which would not teach you even a fraction of what this course covers and we can guarantee you that whatever previous training or experience you have in hypnosis YOU WILL LEARN MANY NEW THINGS from this course which will change the way you work and think forever!


I travelled back from JR’s seminar on Sunday and as I sit hear writing to you all I am still climbing down from the absolute high of watching a genius at work,

I have learnt so much from one weekend my head is still numb from the incredible amounts of information given to me in just two days PLUS PLUS PLUS if you have been to a seminar of JR`s
before you must buy this one the last UK one you will not believe what you see, I not only saw but was part, of involved in, and I still don’t believe it!



Hi folks

I too was at Keighley last weekend.

To witness the ability of Jonathan to literally pull a guy backwards without touching him, speaking to him and with no notice was truly amazing.

And the work he did on Sunday with two people who had quite clearly painful issues was tremendous.

Genuine empathy, love of fellow man and an unselfish heartfelt desire to help are not traits I would normally associate with Jonathan, but that’s exactly what I witnessed at the weekend.

It’s a shame not everyone could be there to witness such a fantastic weekend. But it will remain with me forever. Dr. Simon R. Edwards


I just wanted to add my comments on the weekend Hypnosis course in Keighley. I trained as a Hypnotherapist 7 years ago on a part timecourse, which ran for nearly two years, but haven’t been active for a long time. I recently came across one of Jonathan’s DVD’s a few weeks ago, largely out of curiosity. Since then I have ordered 6 more DVD sets and I jumped at the chance of the weekend seminar in Keighley. What can I say, unbelievable!

I have learnt more in the past few weeks than in the previous 7 years. I know it sounds like a cliche but it happens to be true. I am more excited and confident about hypnotherapy than I have ever been and I am already planning to get back into clinical work very soon.

He really over delivers on content and value for money.

Thanks to all who attended for making it a weekend to remember.

Needless to say, I was there and it even surprised me too!

Well done. I’m sure this latest set will shut a lot of doubters

The most powerful event ever and proof that this seminar will still be around in hundreds of years.


I attended the Hypnosis training weekend seminar in Keighley last weekend and was absolutely overwhelmed at what I saw and heard.

I’ve previously bought most of Jonathan’s material and have used it very successfully.

I must say I thought I was at the wrong event. This guy is a genius. He gave us all a seminar with a difference to say the least.

The subjects covered over this weekend were totally different to anything I’ve seen before. Just can’t explain the detail till I’ve watched it again but the guy proved he has a big heart and can knock the spots off anyone from the conventional therapy world. The techniques he showed are unique and will shame many in the NLP world.

I witnessed what he calls “Energy Surgery” and was convinced it was a set up with a stooge. But then, when speaking with the volunteer later it genuinely turned out that he had never met him before. The guy was standing with his back to Jonathan about 15 feet away and within seconds he was falling backwards time and again while Jonathan was doing nothing more that focusing and using basic hand movements in silence. Absolutely unbelievable and amazing.

If this is to be out on a DVD Jonathan please let me know as I still can’t believe what I saw.

Jonathan, A big thank you for your weekend presented with skill, knowledge, humour and most of all, genuine emotion. I think we all felt this coming through.

I learned more from that weekend than any other event, DVD or book


I have been thinking about what to say regarding last weekend and I think that what sums it up best for me is:

I am very pleased and honoured to have been a part of the seminar. It was a once in a life-time occurrence.

Hugs from my heart



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