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Entire Close-Up Magic CD-ROM


We are proud to offer you a complete course in David Blaine style “Street Magic” which will also enable you to perform as a “Close-Up” magician in restaurants, at parties and in numerous other venues which are lucrative to perform in.


You’ll learn how to perform all of David Blaine’s most famous effects including “The Arm Twisting Illusion” – “The Card Through Window” – “The Balducci Self-Levitation” and practically every effect he has ever performed on his TV specials to date!

In total you learn how to perform 42 of Blaine’s most popular effects using objects such as Cards, Coins, Wrist Watches, Cigarettes, String, Ash, Dice, Sponge Balls, Soda Cans and many other everyday objects.

You’ll also find a section on this CD-ROM which teaches you no less than 14 Professional mind blowing card effects and all the sleight of hand moves necessary to perform them which are ideal for use as Close-Up, Strolling or Street Magic effects!

Next You’ll find 11 Professional Coin Magic effects which again are useful for many performing environments and once again you’ll learn all of the various coin sleights necessary to perform these effects.

That’s just the tip of a huge iceberg as this amazing CD-ROM contains lots of other magical secrets and amazing information, and don’t forget that using the techniques you’ll learn by performing these tricks will also enable you to perform lots of other Professional Card & Coin magic effects as you’ll already know how to perform the necessary coin and card sleights.


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