>>“Experiments” Special Offer Set

“Experiments” Special Offer Set


Massive Ultra Bumper Bundle of Derren Brown Style TV Stunts



3 DVD’s plus CD Mind Control Set

If you’ve ever seen the Likes of “Mindbenders” on Television and wondered how did he do that? Then let us tell you now it has nothing to do with NLP and for the first time ever on DVD Dr. Jonathan Royle will reveal to you in a simple step by step manner all of TV’s Most Mind Blowing “Mind Control” Secrets.

What’s more, he will also teach you how to integrate them into your business and personal life to get speedier results with your clients and enhance your quality of presence on this planet.
A Complete Course in Pseudo Hypnosis & Fake Hypnotism

3 DVD’s plus CD Hypno Tricks Set

The term “Hypno-Tricks” is often used to describe so called fake or pseudo hypnotic style stunts and routines, which look exactly like a display of genuine Hypnotism.

These little known techniques can be used anytime, anyplace, anywhere and used correctly are guaranteed to work on anybody & everybody including the world’s biggest sceptics!

What’s more those who take part in these amazing displays of apparently genuine Hypnosis will actually believe they have been in some kind of real Hypnotic trance as will the watching audience.

10 DVD’s Mind Magic Set

This amazing new & unique Ten Disk DVD training package has already been dubbed by many industry expert’s as the true “14th Step To Mentalism”, taking off where Tony Corinda ended and of course also explaining all the classic principles of stage mind reading with a modern commercial slant.

Without doubt this is also the most comprehensive training aid released by anyone to date teaching you in a simple step by step manner how to easily and effectively combine the principles of Magic & Mentalism together with the techniques of Fraudulent Psychic’s blended together with the skills of the Stage & Street Hypnotist.

In total:

16 DVD’s plus 2 CD’s for an amazing price!


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