Hypno Tricks Book


Hypno-Tricks is a complete course in Pseudo Hypnosis enabling the reader to learn how to present an entire act of apparently genuine Stage Hypnotism without using any Stooges and without ever hypnotising anyone!


The people who volunteer will believe they have been Hypnotised for real as will the audience watching you perform these amazing and amusing feats!

Best of all these closely guarded secrets and techniques will work on anybody, anyplace, anywhere, anytime and even on the worlds biggest sceptics!

For that reason the routines and demonstrations which are explained in a simple, yet highly detailed step by step manner are considered to be reputation makers and used correctly could help you to earn an absolute fortune and gain much valuable Free Media Publicity for your Hypnotic Acts and talents.

Indeed with a little thought there is enough material in this course to present a complete show which, as it uses no genuine Hypnosis and nobody is ever placed into Trance could be performed anywhere without the need for Licences and in such a manner that your Equity Public Liability Insurance would cover you as nobody is placed into any form of Trance!

Even Hypnotherapists will find the contents of this course invaluable as the secrets inside can also be presented as proof that The Power of the Mind and Hypnosis works within the context of a Mass Group Hypnotherapy Session or Promotional Lecture for your services!

As far as we know this is the only comprehensive manual of its kind on the market!


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