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HYPNO-TRON is the name that I have given to this amazing precision made electronic device which has NUMEROUS powerful and amazing uses for all Hypnotherapists, Stage Hypnotists and even mentalists etc who use Trance Illusion.

I accidentally discovered the power and amazing opportunities offered by this device whilst hypnotising someone at Blackpool Magic Convention 2008 and then after road testing the device in the real world on random volunteers I proved to myself that using this Amazing and Ergonomically designed Electronic device enables you to place people into Rapid & Instant Hypnotic Trance States far more easily and rapidly than ever before!

This amazing device is small and lightweight and should you ever lose your “Hypno-Tron” we also supply you details of how to make your own replacements (and its as easy as 1,2,3) for around £2 – £3 each

Originally I was going to write up the instructions for using this unique device and also film some demo footage and then sell the device with a DVD for around £47 and to be honest even that would have been excellent value for money for any professional minded Hypnotist – given the many uses the HYPNO-TRON has and the fact that the batteries are replaceable, so given care this should LAST FOR MANY YEARS and seriously help you to place people into deeper trance states more rapidly and dramatically then ever before!

However in the end I decided that I wanted to make this device available to as many people as possible and as such decided to give you the chance to get your Hypno-Tron along with a CD-ROM containing both written & audio instructions, along with numerous photographs for a bargain price.

The precision made electronic device is small, light and easy to carry around and as well as rapid inductions and deeper levels of trance states this can also be used (as explained) by Hypnotherapists in a gentle manner to also help aid their work!!

FREE GIFT = With each “Hypno-Tron” ordered we will send you a Free Copy of Jonathan Royles Newly updated and Expanded “Confessions of a Hypnotist” training course which will teach you all of the TRUE secrets of Speed Trance Style Hypnosis.

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