>>Hypnotism Diploma Course – Therapy Angle

Hypnotism Diploma Course – Therapy Angle



Here is a quick breakdown of what is covered in this course:

* What hypnosis is about and how it works.

* How the human mind works.

* Rapport, observation, recognition, and leadership skills.

* Principles of verbal, physical and reverse psychology.

* Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Analysis and Creative Visualization.

* Inductions for the consulting room

* Standard phrases for hypnotic inductions and how to deepen the hypnotic trance.

* How to identify the trance states and awaken clients.

* How to deal with abreaction’s and hard to awaken subjects.

* Hypnotherapy scripts for stopping smoking, weight loss, skin problems, and confidence building.

* Psychotherapy and how to tackle advanced problems such as acute depression and sexual problems.

* The use of hypnosis for past life regression.

* Shortcuts to alternative medicine.

* How to increase your hypnotherapy business and income.

* How to earn money from stress management and motivational training.

* The Fast Phobia Cure Treatment Known as Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC)

* The Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) session structure.

Hypnotherapy Fully Explained!

Nothing is held back in this course. This hypnotherapy course contains everything which is of value to a potential therapist, enabling you to help people with all sorts of problems in their lives. The hypnotherapy training course will explain in clear, step by step detail the background to hypnosis including the techniques that are used to become a safe and effective therapist. As you can see in the breakdown of the course above, nothing is left out. The skills you learn will enable you to enter a profession which is immensely rewarding.

Get Diplomas in Hypnotherapy from Jonathan Royle!

This course also entitles you to the option of receiving the following diplomas by your hypnotic tutor, Jonathan Royle:
* The issue of a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
* The issue of a Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy
* You will also receive free membership to The Royle Institute of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

This is optional and dependent upon you completing the short exam test paper which will be sent to you by either post or email whenever you feel you are ready. So just relax, take your time, and absorb the contents of the material. Many people have gone on to become successful hypnotherapists after taking this course. Take this opportunity and you to can enter into this wonderfully rewarding occupation. Even if you decide not to become a professional hypnotist you will still learn a wealth of information which you can and will put to good use.

What people say about our stage hypnosis training course!

Don’t just take our word for it! The stage hypnosis training course has been read by many satisfied people. Some just want to know about the mystery and fascinating subject which is hypnosis

Thanks for the training, which was excellent value for money and has provided me with a career for life which I enjoy immensely!”
Bill Graham – www.hypnosis4u.co.uk

“I have trained in NLP and Hypnosis with Paul McKenna, but found this course invaluable. It gives a great deal of information and is written in an open, honest and easy to read manner, Jonathan keeps nothing back.”
Matt Caulfield – NLP Trainer, Hynotherapist and founder of The Birmingham NLP Training Academy.www.personalchange.co.uk

These are just a few of the comments we have received about our hypnotherapy training. If you’d like to read more testimonials then please click here.

So, how much does this entire hypnotherapy training course cost?

As you can see, this course is an entire hypnotherapy training manual at an INCREDIBLE PRICE. Order today!


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