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Hypnotism Diploma Courses – Stage Angle



Here is a quick breakdown of what is covered in this hypnosis training course:

* What hypnosis is about and how it works.
* How the human mind works.
* Rapport, observation, recognition, and leadership skills.
* Principles of verbal, physical and reverse psychology.
* Seven different suggestibility tests to use before hypnosis.
* Over thirty different induction methods and techniques to hypnotize people.
* How to create your own hypnotic inductions.
* Standard phrases which hypnotists use.
* Standard phrases for hypnotic inductions.
* How to identify the hypnotic trance states.
* How to awaken people from a hypnotic trance.
* How to deal with abreaction’s and hard to awaken subjects.
* A complete script and step by step instructions on making a successful stage hypnosis show.
* Lots of hypnosis gags for routines and numerous comedy sketch ideas.
* Invaluable information about the laws, regulations and red tape of the stage hypnosis industry.
* How to make money from stage hypnosis.
* And lots lots more!!!!

Stage Hypnosis Fully Explained!

Nothing will be held back. This course contains everything which is of value to a potential Stage Hypnotist who wishes to enter a profession which has mystified people for decades. The course will explain in clear, step by step detail all of the secrets, ploys and techniques that are used to become a safe and competent stage hypnotist. These skills will enable you to enter this lucrative profession which can open new doors in your attitude and lifestyle that you never dreamed possible. This course will initiate you into a profession which will fascinate and astound people including yourself.

Learn Stage Hypnosis Easily!

This stage hypnosis course has been purposely written in a simple, easy to understand manner in plain language with complicated words and phrases removed. As closely to the way the majority of us speak. This has been established as the best possible way to learn, absorb and understand information which may be new and alien to us. Grammar and syntax will be thrown away in the interests of passing on the knowledge easily, quickly, enjoyably and effectively to you.

Hypnosis is a much deeper subject than most realise. The majority of the population is of the opinion that all you do is snap your fingers or swing a shiny watch in front of their eyes and then they will just instantly drop off to sleep. Well it is a great deal more complicated than that, yet at the same time if you are prepared to believe what you will be taught then you will realise that it is also far easier to learn than you might at first imagine.

The Stage Hypnosis Course is filled with liquid gold knowledge!

Read, study and absorb the contents of this course, it will without doubt place you on the road to ultimate success in Stage Hypnosis. If you absorb the contents of this course, which is filled with liquid gold knowledge, then your success is almost guaranteed.

Get Diplomas in Stage Hypnotism from Jonathan Royle!

This course also entitles you to the option of receiving the following diplomas by you hypnotic tutor, Jonathan Royle:

* The issue of a Diploma in Advanced Stage Hypnotism
* Free membership to The Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnotists (P.O.S.H)

These diplomas are optional, and require you to take an exam (with a pass of 70% or better). If you’ve read, studied and absorbed the contents of the stage hypnosis training course, then the exam should present no problems. What people say about our stage hypnosis training course!

Don’t just take our word for it! The stage hypnosis training course has been read by many satisfied people. Some just want to know about the mystery and fascinating subject which is hypnosis. Others want to go that stage (no pun intented) further and entertain people as a professional stage hypnotist. Take a look at our 100% genuine testimonials and you will realise why Jonathan Royal is the UK’s no.1 teacher in all things hypnotic!

“Jonathan Royle is a black belt in the art of his craft. This course is the best by far” -John Lawrie, Glasgow

“Jonathan Royle the author has been in the business a long time and it shows in this work. The stage hypnosis course not only teaches the art of stage hypnosis, it shows you how to construct a show including the type of gags to use, the types of music to use, the type of person to use, and the type of routines to use in different situations. It even tells you how and where to get more work. Nothing is left out.” – Alan Day (Magician) – Stanford Le Hope

“It contains all the information that is required to become a master hypnotist and is presented in a simple, clear and easy to absorb format. Nothing is left out.” – James Brandon – www.illusionist.uk.com

These are just a few of the comments we have received about the stage hypnosis training course.

Stage Hypnosis Training Course – FAQ’s

Q. I’m interested in the stage hypnosis course. However I’m not quite clear as to whether it’s a book or a course?
A. The Stage Hypnosis Course is not a book. It comes as a PDF document which you can either read from your computer or print out and read. Some people are also unclear why it is called a course. The reason it is called a course is because it is more than just a book or e-Book…it teaches you in-depth knowledge of stage hypnosis. Like any other course, you will also qualify for diplomas in stage hypnotism upon successful completion of the course. For more information on the diplomas, please see below.

Q. Could you please tell me the page length of the Stage Hypnosis Course?
A. The Stage Hypnosis Course is 176 pages long, written in easy to understand language, and set out in a way that makes learning stage hypnosis as easy as possible. The stage hypnosis course is not padded out with big gaps, or unnecessary pictures, so each and every page contains relevant material.

Q. How long in general does the stage hypnosis course take to complete?
A. It all depends how quick you can read and absorb the material. Some people can read the stage hypnosis course within a few days, whereas other people take much longer. The reason why many people complete the course very quickly is because they find it hard to stop reading.


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