>>Make a Million From Hypnotherapy

Make a Million From Hypnotherapy


The aim of this amazing publication is to teach Hypnotherapists and others in the Mind Therapy business how to make maximum money for absolute bare minimum investment of time or effort on your part! If you’re not already in a position whereby you have more clients than you can handle, all of whom are eager to pay you £250+ for a single one hour session –



Included within the pages of this unique publication are example advertisements for use in local newspapers and magazines, wording for adverts that have been tried, tested and proven effective by Royle and many of his colleagues, example scripts for use on the telephone to close the sale when people call to enquire and much more!

In fact a complete script is given for use by yourself as a promotional audiotape or CD which when used could increase the number of clients you get willing to pay £250+ per session many times over! Royle even provides you with the wording he has used for his advertising brochures and letters enabling him to earn a small fortune from Hypnotherapy!

Although this course is mainly about attracting clients for Smoking Cessation Sessions, the principles and marketing techniques you will learn within its pages will prove invaluable for attracting clients with any problem you should choose to specialise in!

As a Special Free Bonus this course also includes a section revealing how to break into and make lots of money from Corporate and Educational Stress Management Training.

Many people specialising in this field make in excess of £100K each year – perhaps you may be able to achieve this too? All these invaluable secrets can now be yours for far less than you’ll earn from getting one extra client!


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