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The contents of this mind blowing CD-ROM are quite literally worth their weight in gold to any serious success minded Hypnotist – NLP’er, Life Coach, Alternative Therapist or even those in the Psychic & Magic Industries as you will discover the TRUE secrets of making maximum £££/$$$ from your talents.

This CD contains well over 8 & ½ hours of liquid gold never before revealed Secrets, Ploys. Techniques and Approaches which have consistently been used by Royle and his colleagues for decades to make maximum money from their talents.

*Royle Reveals how to get yourself onto Television and Radio Shows for maximum exposure on a regular basis.

*He exposes the “real world” techniques of obtaining massive publicity in Newspapers and Magazines for your business & talents at no cost to yourself (in fact quite often you may even get paid for the story)

*You’ll discover how to create, market and sell (for maximum ££/$$ profits) your own products and merchandise.

*Then you will discover exactly how in excess of One Million of Royles DVDs, CDs, Books, Manuals, Courses & Products have been shipped to all corners of the world in the past few years and exactly how you can achieve the same level of success with your products which you’ll be inspired to create after studying the contents of this package.

*Perhaps most importantly Royle will also explain how to combine your product promotion with the TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine & Internet exposure that you’ll be obtaining when you put these proven methods into action ensuring that you make maximum profits as a result.

*Mind Therapists will also benefit from hearing two feature radio interviews with Royle giving you examples of what to discuss on air and how to promote your business and talents effectively.

*Stage-Hypnotists will also hear Royle perform a Comedy Hypnosis show on the radio enabling them to emulate his actions and words so they may do the same to promote their shows, talents & products!

*And if that’s not enough by way of the content of the example Radio interviews you will also hear Royle teaching (over the airwaves) in a manner whereby you’ll actually be able to easily use the techniques many invaluable money earning skills such as:

*The Ultimate Easy To Use Approach to the NLP Fast Phobia Cure.

*An easy as 1,2,3 treatment method for Pain Control.

*Techniques to make Habit Control & Elimination easier.

*Real World Positive Thinking Secrets for Life Success

*How to easily & accurately read Tarot Cards for people.

*The easy way to give Astrology Readings.

*Other invaluable ways to give accurate Psychic Readings.

All this and more on one information packed CD-ROM

Yours For Just – £19-70


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