>>Massage & Yoga Bumper Special Offer

Massage & Yoga Bumper Special Offer


“Discover the Secrets of Massage & Yoga & Launch a Bright New Life”



Whether you know NOTHING or are already EXPERIENCED you will quickly become an EXPERT with ease

Teach…Practise…or simply study Massage and Yoga for interest…

This bumper 12 DVD Home Study Package is for you.

Add an extra dimension to your skills, knowledge & lifestyle then

Improved Health and Well Being is just round the corner.

(For certification supplied with the course click the link at the bottom of the page)

Copy these simple techniques and YOU can learn to massage as well as any professional in less time than it takes to watch your favourite movie.

By using the natural, drug free solution to pain, muscular tension and stress of modern living…Massage.

7 Home Study Massage Training DVD’s

1. Back Pain Relief Stretches – 30 minutes

2. Pilates Exercise For Back Pain Relief – 30 minutes

3. Back and Neck Massage – 50 minutes

4. Thai Massage – 65 minutes

5. Anti Cellulite Massage – 45 minutes

6. Baby Massage – 40 minutes

7. DVD ROM Containing Books, Manuals and Other Resources


Easing Stress with Yoga can help you…

Understand how Yoga can work for you. Implement Yoga in your life. Use Yoga to reduce stress, look better, lose weight.

Differentiate between proper Yoga and dangerous imposters! Find your life path through Yoga. Achieve happiness and wellbeing.

5 Home Study Yoga Training DVD’s

1. Beginners Yoga – 65 minutes

2. Intermediate Yoga – 55 minutes

3. Advanced Yoga – 60 minutes

4. Yoga Approaches for Kids – 30 minutes

5. DVD ROM Bumper Collection of Yoga Training Books, Manuals and Resources

For Massage and Yoga Certificates supplied with the course

1. Diploma in Holistic Massage

2. Master Yoga Consultant Certificate

3. Diploma in Complete Mind Therapy



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