>>Massive Magic & Mentalism Bumper Offer

Massive Magic & Mentalism Bumper Offer


Massive Magic & Mentalism Bumper Offer

Normal Price – £149.27

Limited Special Offer Package Price – £67.00 For All 7 Items




Included amongst the contents of this set (which are way too comprehensive to list in their entirety here) are:

*Numerous methods enabling you to apparently predict future events before they happen.
*Tried, Tested and Proven to work approaches for apparently reading peoples minds and thoughts without ever getting them to write anything down!
*Detailed Explanation & Practical Use’s for Nail Writing (NW) – Thumb Writing (TW) and even Pocket Writing (PW)
*Commercial uses of the One Ahead Principle – Billet Switches and the legendary Centre Tear techniques.
*Numerous real world methods of Forcing Playing Cards, ESP Cards and other normal everyday objects.
*Practical Secrets of Key, Spoon, Fork & Coin Bending, Melting and Snapping wherein the audience feel they have witnessed the items turn to liquid metal.
*The Amazing Hoy Principle and various ways to amaze people using it such as The Tossed Out Deck Routine, Pointing to complete strangers and correctly naming their star sign and arguably one of the worlds most impressive multiple book test routines.
*An easy to master practical application of the Sound Reading Technique.
*The Powerful Closed Eyes & Hands Over Face Impromptu Blindfold technique which enables you to work miracles with ease.
*Real World Cold & Hot Reading approaches which have been used with great success by Royle on countless Television & Radio Shows around the world.
*Reliable techniques & applications for Dual & Multiple Reality Routines which even the greatest student of mystery & wonder would be lost for words when they witnessed you perform them.



(Any Number On Reverse of Any Kard)

*A Modern, Commercial, Easy To Do Variation on The Classic Berglas Effect – Any Card At Any Number

Effect- The magician (Surprise, that’s you!) takes a deck of playing cards from his pocket, and places them face up on the table explaining that there is a Holy Grail for magicians, where one spectator is asked to name a number between one and fifty-two, and another is asked to name any playing card.

The cards are then counted down to the number chosen, and to the amazement of all around… the chosen card appears at that random number… The crowd goes wild with applause at the sight of this seemingly impossible feat, and the magician leaves them wondering “how did he do that?”!

The magician then continues to explain that unfortunately, there are only a handful of performers who can achieve this miracle – and he is not one of them!

At which point, a number is selected by Spectator A and said out loud, for the benefit of the rest of the audience. Spectator B then chooses any card out of the 52, and again says it out loud.

For the first time since tabling the cards, the magician picks them up, spreads through the deck, to find the named card and removes it from the remaining cards.

All the other cards are turned face down, revealing that each one has a different number printed on the back… and turns over the chosen card to show that it has the selected number on the reverse!


Hypno-Tricks is a complete course in Pseudo Hypnosis enabling the reader to learn how to present an entire act of apparently genuine Stage Hypnotism without using any Stooges and without ever hypnotising anyone!

The people who volunteer will believe they have been Hypnotised for real as will the audience watching you perform these amazing and amusing feats!

Best of all these closely guarded secrets and techniques will work on anybody, anyplace, anywhere, anytime and even on the worlds biggest sceptics!



An Amazing Eight Phase Gambling Routine Where the deck is shuffled and cut many times. Then You win time after time during games of Poker, Black-Jack, Pontoon and even Bridge, Brag and Whist! And along the way you demonstrate your skill at second dealing before ending to the entire deck being back in full deck order without any switches. This routine looks like years of skill and yet is practically self-working.


Using a borrowed deck of cards which is freely shuffled, one volunteer selects a card and it magically vanishes from the deck before appearing inside a sealed drinks bottle which they themselves have randomly chosen from behind the bar.


Again using a borrowed shuffled deck, a card is chosen and replaced into the deck which is then thrown at a window. The Chosen card ends up stuck to the window but on the OUTSIDE of the building!


Imagine being able to get a volunteer to sign one of their own freely chosen coins removed from their own pocket and then being able to place that same coin onto their own hand and miraculously making their signed coin VISIBLY bend in front of their eyes. What’s more using this no gimmicks required method you can also make their coin visibly straighten again whilst held on their hand.


Learn the Secrets of Literally Hundreds of Amazing Magical Routines ideal for Stage, Cabaret and Close-up using objects of every kind you can imagine.

Royle’s Ultimate Mentalism Routine

No stooges used.

Every Psychological & psychical ploy, verbal patter lines relevant to its success and of course the methodology of the effects themselves are all explained in great detail.
No words can do justice to the visual and psychological beauty of the routines perfection.

This routine has been honed to perfection and was inspired by a combination of ideas by Max Maven, Ali Bongo, Al Koran, Aldo Colombini, Simon Arrason, Marc Paul and numerous other tops names.
The end result is a complete Mentalism Routine Performance.


Amongst the content’s you will find:

01) Speaking For Million’s = How To Make Really Big ££/$$ Profits As A Professional Entertainer and Public Speaker – a 264 page A4 PDF Manual.
02) Selling Product’s From The Stage = Making Massive Profits With Back Of The Room Sales = 128 Page A4 PDF Manual.
03) Marketing Your Own Seminars = A Step By Step Guide To Training Profits = 202 Page A4 PDF Manual.
04) Marketing Information = How You Can Create, Market and Sell Information & Knowledge in Any Field for Big Profits = 185 Page PDF Manual.
05) Consulting Secret’s = How To Start & Build A Turbo Charged Consulting Business In Your Own Specialist Field = 246 Page A4 PDF Manual.
06) Publishing For Profit = Triple Your Income In The Next 18 Months = 126 Page A4 PDF Manual.
07) Plus Over 50+ other book’s, Manuals and Courses teaching you tried, tested and proven to work secrets of Marketing, Advertising, Publicity and Promotion to help you make maximum profits for minimum investment of time, effort or money whatever business or industry you may be in!



(Any Card At Any Number And Other Reputation Making Effects)

By: STUART CASSELS (The Photo Wizard)And: Psychological Magic Advisor JONATHAN ROYLE

Within the pages of this 55 page information packed PDF E-Book you will learn one of the cleanest & most impressive looking (to an audience) versions of the legendary “Berglas Effect” that has ever been released to the Magic World.

Here’s what Marc Paul (Voted The Worlds Greatest Mind Reader) and a personal expert on the ACAAN plot had to say after reading this PDF…

Thanks for “The Holy Grail of Mentalism”. There is some seriously good thinking here, I particularly like the section on how to create “real miracles”. I have always believed that truly inexplicable mentalism is only achieved by going that extra mile; you obviously believe the same”



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