Mind Reading Secrets Exposed


3 DVD plus CD ROM set supplied in the format to suit your country

eg PAL for UK/Europe or NTSC for USA/Canada

(Phenomenon – Now You Can Duplicate Most All Of The Amazing Mind Control & Psychic Style Feat’s Performed By The World’s Leading Mentalists and Television Mind Magician’s With Ease!)


*Become A True Wonder Wizard & Master Of Mind Reading Able To Perform Your Own Mind Blowing 60 to 90 Minute Show With This Unique DVD & CD-ROM Home Study Course*


This Unique Home Study Course Comprises of personal instruction from Dr. Jonathan Royle on the DVD’s and also numerous books, manual’s and courses which are supplied on the accompanying CD-ROM.

As you watch the amazing DVD’s you will learn all of the following:

*The Professional Centre Tear Technique and How to use this to apparently tell anyone, anything they may be thinking of anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

*Royle’s Simple Billet Switch, another amazing method enabling you to perform miraculous feats of Mentalism & Mind Reading under most any performing circumstances.

*The Use of So called Nail & Thumb Writer’s to make amazing Predictions!

*Several Versatile Playing Card and ESP Card Deck Set-Up’s and various commercial suggestions for their usage in your show.

*Using a Thumb Tip in Mentalism and details of an easy to perform “Bank Night” style routine using Five envelopes, four of which contain blank slips of paper and one which contains a £50 ($100) Note. By Apparent Telepathy and Mind Control you influence the volunteer to burn only the four envelopes containing the paper slips, thus amazingly leaving you with the money!

*Learn Royle’s routine whereby an audience member calls a friend on their mobile phone and their friend names three cards which have been thought of by random audience members before the call was made – this is a true reputation making miracle and best of all requires no pre-show work.

*Discover the Secret’s of Hoy’s Tossed Out Deck Routine, see it performed by Royle and learn all of the nuances and subtleties which he has added to make this a truly killer opening effect.

*Learn the One Ahead Principle and witness Royle demonstrate how amazing this can be upon your audience’s.

*Royle discusses and explains the use’s of Pre-Show Work to achieve miracles, and tips his professional approach to using an impression clip board to obtain information before the show begins.

*The Dual Reality principle and its many powerful uses in Mentalism are also discussed at length.

*The Magician’s Choice is demonstrated in several contexts and with different objects and you’ll learn what a powerful psychological forcing technique this is when presented correctly.

*Royle shows you how to construct your own “Devils Forcing Gimmick” which is perhaps the fairest looking and most effective way to force a card upon your volunteer’s.

*Royle Reveals his reputation making real world commercial way of making a chosen card disappear from the deck and appear in any “freely” chosen bottle of beer of other beverage behind the bar in the place you are performing. He also explains how the card can be made to appear in other bizarre locations!

*So David Blaine performed a card through window, well on these DVD’s Royle explains how he performs the chosen card through window on a regular basis in the real world and how you can too easily after watching this!

*Discover the secrets of Hoy’s tossed out book test, enabling you to read the minds of several audience members and tell them what randomly chosen word they are thinking of on the randomly chosen page in the randomly chosen books which they are holding.

*The “Peek” book test, enabling you to read the volunteers mind and divine several words of a sentence on the randomly chosen page they look at in a randomly chosen book. This can even be performed impromptu in Libraries, bookstores and in fact anywhere there are a few books at hand.

*Witness Royle perform and explain one of the most powerful Mentalism & Mind Control effects ever devised whereby no matter how hard the audience and on stage volunteers try to avoid you controlling their decision’s you are still able to make five pairs of playing cards, ESP cards or picture symbols match up in pairs under the most impossible “Test Conditions” circumstances.

*Metal Bending is performed, discussed and then explained enabling you to duplicate some of the most mind blowing feats of Uri Geller.

*Learn the Pseudo Graphology & Psychometry routine whereby five messages written by five spectators on cards are mixed up and you are able to return them to the correct people by Psychic Impressions from their handwriting or perhaps five personal objects from volunteers are sealed in envelopes, mixed up randomly and then you are able to reunite them with their owners using your senses of Psychic Psychometry alone?

*Watch and learn an amazing miracle whereby a solid yellow rope melts through a solid red rope, the ropes are ordinary, all can be examined before and after and this is one of the most mind blowing magical effects you’ll ever witness, learn or perform.

*Numerous other Secret’s, Ploys, Techniques, Routine’s, Ideas and Real World Psychological Performing Subtleties of the Professional Mentalist and Mind Magician are discussed, revealed and explained in Royle’s trademark no nonsense manner on these DVD’s!


Accompanying these Unique DVD’s is a bumper CD-ROM which is packed with numerous books, manuals and courses on all areas of Mentalism, Hypnosis, Body Language, NLP, Mind Control, Memory Feat’s, Psychic Skill’s, Cold Reading and even enough secrets, methods and techniques to become a Professional Close-Up Magician!

There are far, far too many secret’s revealed to detail them all here, as this package is truly comprehensive, however among the countless tricks & routine’s you will learn are:

*Everything you will ever need to know to integrate Hypnosis and Trance States into your Mentalism Presentations with ease.

*Proven to work memory systems which with practice could enable you to rival the feats of the World Memory Champion Dominic O Brien and at an easier level enable you to perform many amazing Mind Tricks.

*Become a Mathematical genius as you discover how to calculate and write out an accurate Magic Square from any number chosen by a volunteer which adds up correctly in many different direction’s (If you like this you’ll love the Complete Memory System DVD course we sell) in a matter of seconds!

*Even More insider techniques of Key, Fork & Spoon Bending Melting and Snapping are revealed and explained.

*If you’ve seen an amazing Mind Control Demonstration on British Television then some of these secrets are sure to “Brown” off many mentalists as we reveal how to duplicate all of the most amazing and popular Pure Effects.

*You’ll also learn in a simple step by step manner (along with photographs and illustrations) how to perform Absolute Magic routine’s using coins, string, silks, rope, rubber bands, matches, paper, sugar, watches, cigarettes, and many other everyday items which will easily make you look like the next Paul Zenon, David Blaine or Criss Angel including how to visually levitate yourself off the ground!

*We’ll even teach you many Two Person Telepathy and Mediumistic Style Routines and Mentalistic Blindfold Style presentations which will further concrete your reputation as a miracle worker! These techniques constitute the basis of an entire act in themselves.


This is a very serious question! Indeed to be truthful we would warn you NOT to buy this Unique Training course comprising of DVD’s and a CD-ROM unless you are prepared for the way people will change their attitudes and behaviour towards you.

Its not easy be the most popular person at the party, or earning many £££/$$$ for performing your Mentalism Show, its not easy having all the beautiful members of the opposite sex practically begging to go on date with you!

In fact Royle has taught many of these techniques to his personal coaching clients who wanted to master the art of Speed Hypnotic Seduction and now they are classed as “Playboys” – are you ready for this kind of reaction?

Are you ready, willing and able to handle being treated like a “GOD” – being treated like you are the “New Messiah” just because you can apparently work miracles wherever you go?

If your ready to experience those finer, more pleasurable and rewarding things in life, then you need to take action right now and secure your copy of this LIMITED EDITION home study training course made up of DVD’s and a bumper information packed CD-ROM.

Make the intelligent decision today into your future Financial, Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual Wealth, Happiness and Wellbeing – ORDER TODAY.


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