Mobile Phone Magic


The Ultimate Multi Purpose Toolkit for Magicians – Mentalists


Psychic Entertainers – Hypnotists & NLP’ers)

As Performed At The Magic Circle’s Summer School




RRP £39.95…Limited Special Offer ONLY £19.97 While Stocks Last

The instructions also contain additional ideas, comments and inspiration from such names as KENNEDY – COLIN MCLEOD – LIOR MANOR – LEE EARLE & MARC PAUL amongst other respected names.

After seeing the working proto-type of this professional utility device, veteran Mentalist LEE EARLE said:

“I looked over your materials – brilliant! I wish I had thought of using the Hypno Disc first. You have a winner on your hands. Good luck with it!”
LIOR MANOR said “Wow This Is Cool” and MARC PAUL said

“I think that to have this on a mobile phone would be great. I would imagine it’s a really fun thing to perform”

When Veteran Performer JACK DELVIN heard about “Mobile Magic” he contacted us and arranged to use it at THE MAGIC CIRCLE in London as part of a “Cutting Edge Mentalism” training day for the Magic Circle Summer School 2008 and the next day he emailed us this comment:

“I have no doubt that the younger magicians will take to it like ducks to water. I congratulate you on the infinite trouble you have taken to provide the Full Monty. Despite being a very tentative first performance it went down very well at The Magic Circle Summer School. Many thanks for your contribution to Summer School and I hope it (Mobile Magic) sells well”

JACK DELVIN – (Gold Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle – London – England)

Such is the anticipation and excitement about the release of “Mobile Magic” between those who are truly “in the know” that we have also set up a Private Members Invitation Only Internet Group where purchasers of the package can exclusively become members and share their ideas, routines and experiences of using the “Mobile Magic” package with other happy, delighted customers!

SO WHAT’S THE GIMMICK? = Well actually you are supplied with over 120 Unique Gimmicks all of which look like innocent animated gifs of spinning hypnotic spirals which can be played on most all mobile phone screens that support animated gifs!

Each of the “Specially designed and Legally Copyrighted” designs spins around like a normal hypnotic spiral for long enough to be shown casually to the audience and any spectators nearby so they become aware that its normal in all manners!

Then after a suitable time period a small dot appears at the bottom left hand corner of the screen alerting you the performer to the fact that the “force” image will be appearing soon so that you can ensure that the screen of the phone is now facing only that person or people to whom you want the “force image” to appear!

Then just before the “force image” is to appear the small dot in the bottom of the left hand corner of the screen flashes to warn you that now is the time before flashing the chosen “force image” up on the screen and into the mind of your volunteers.

Of course it then continues spinning like a normal looking hypnotic spiral so the mobile phones screen can once again be casually displayed to everyone!

And needless to say you are also supplied with duplicate non gimmicked animated gifs which can be Blue toothed and sent to other peoples phones as convincers and at relevant times within certain routines you will perform with this package!

The Mobile Magic Package contains over 120 specially designed animated catalogued for easy reference and usage into categories such as:

Animals – Body Parts – Banknotes & Coins of UK, European & U.S.A Currencies – Clocks – Watches – Times – Colours – Names – Numbers – Everyday Objects – Playing Cards – ESP Symbols – Pictures & Drawings – Transport – Words – Months – Days of the week – Special Occasions – Zodiac Signs and other Unique gimmicked gifs covering most everything you can think of from A through to Z making this an invaluable resource for you!

Using one of the gimmicks supplied you will be performing a “no fail” works every time version of LUKE JERMAY’S twisted palm illusion within minutes!

You’ll discover another gimmick which allows you to perform an amazing close-up version of the “Shrinking & Growing Head” illusion which freaks them out every time!

And as the cover state’s, Using a Spinning Hypnotic Disc on your mobile phone screen, predict days of the week, colours, money, objects and much more!

Perform some amazing close-up magical effects with coins, lighters, pens, finger rings & other everyday items making this the perfect anytime, anyplace, anywhere impromptu effect!

Learn the long distance Mobile Phone trick, using the spectators own phone which blows their mind every time and has been performed successfully many times by Royle both Close-Up and also on Large Stage & Television Shows. Absolutely no pre-show work, instant stooging or similar are ever used in this Miracle Effect! Click Here

Using the “gimmicks” supplied you will be able to apparently “hypnotize” a member of the audience without any training and perform a complete comedy stage hypnosis show with ease, whereby even those who volunteer to be hypnotized may become convinced that they were genuinely in a Trance even though no genuine hypnosis is used at all!

This unique package contains “gimmicks” for every occasion and can be used equally effectively in both close-up & street situations as well as on the largest stage or TV show and yes PERFORMANCE & TELEVISION RIGHTS ARE INCLUDED!

Whether you want to perform the Ultimate Dual or Multiple Reality Routines – or perhaps you want to turn the spectator into the mindreader? – Or maybe you want the ultimate tool for Cold Reading & Fortune Telling Situations or maybe you just want to blow their mind with some amazing close-up magic, in any and all cases MOBILE MAGIC is the product for you!

Indeed the package will also teach you GENUINE HYPNOSIS for use in Close-up and Street Situations along with Serious Stage & Mind Therapy Applications which are taught through detailed training videos, audio and training manuals which collectively have sold separately in the past for well over £200 ($400) but they are all included here to introduce you to the world of Royle Hypnosis – Mentalism & NLP Training Products!

The Kit includes Gimmicks and Routine Ideas which are suitable for American, UK & European Audiences along with resources for presentations of a Serious – Comedy and even X-Rated Nature!

As an extra special BONUS you will also find on this DVD-ROM a total of Two Hours of Royles Hypnotism Training Videos and also Eight Hours of Audio Training from Royle covering Hypnosis and also the business side of making money from Magic – Mentalism – Cold Reading – NLP & Hypnosis.

You Will Learn Numerous Rapid & Instantaneous Stage, Street & Clinical Hypnosis Speed Trance Hypnotist Induction Methods and are also supplied with all the information you will ever need to hypnotize people in a manner far QUICKER and arguably Far Safer than the controversial “Zap” developed by Hon Wong and due to be released by Penguin Magic in Late October 2008 costing MORE THAN DOUBLE the price of this entire MOBILE MAGIC training package!

These bonus video & audio items alone usually sell separately for many, many times the cost of this entire package and indeed one of the videos alone teaches you more Rapid & Instantaneous Speed Trance Induction Methods that can be used both on stage, close-up and on the street than any Hypnosis training video currently on the market for magicians & mentalists today!

EXTRA BONUS ITEM’S = Also included on this DVD-ROM you will find many specially designed “Animated Gifs” suitable for Mentalists & Hypnotists to use on their Laptops, perhaps in corporate situations and such like.

And you will also discover Royle’s Unique Books covering Magic, Mentalism, Cold Reading, Stage, Street & Close-Up Hypnosis & even NLP which again are worth more than the entire cost of this package and contain professional material tried and tested in the real world of commercial performing, sections of which have received such rave reviews as:

“This is interesting, strange, but interesting. In fact I think that it is the strangest book on Mentalism that I have ever read”

“The methods that Jonathan explains are both practical and professional and indeed for the modern publicity and success seeking Psychic Entertainer they should prove invaluable! Royle made his name almost a household word in the UK and in his book he generously reveals his bizarre and unique methods, for the very first time! I feel that all Mentalists, Psychics and Hypnotists can learn much from his modern & pioneering approach!”


“Mr Royle’s suggestions, advice and routines are solid, practical and seem to be grounded in experience! Someone who tried this approach would probably recoup their investment quite quickly!”



“I can wholeheartedly recommend the courses. They are brilliantly researched, analysed and presented for both the beginner and established professional. They contain all the information that is required to become a master hypnotist and are presented in a simple, clear and easy to absorb format. Nothing is left out. They are a fountain of knowledge on the subject. If hypnotism is your chosen area of interest…look no further”


And they are just a few comments about the contents of the Free Bonus Materials included upon this DVD-ROM which should make you realize just how valuable this unique training package is and what remarkable value for money it contains and represents!

We’ve even included a file with Jpeg’s of all the images used in the “gimmicked discs” so that you may print out your own identical looking images for use on cards, envelopes or indeed any other relevant prop in your favorite routine using this package which will soon become the most valued and regularly used magical item that you have ever invested in!



You Will Need A Mobile Phone which can play Gif Animations.

For each file 2,512,295 bytes of free Space (2.39 MB)

Each animation are 250 x 250 pixels in size

Horizontal resolution = 384 dpi

Vertical Resolution = 96 dpi

A Suitable PC File Manager (standard mobile phone software should be fine) to transfer the files from your PC onto your Mobile Phone

These animations will be sent to you on a DVD-ROM. Not all modern mobile phones will be able to adhere to the above conditions. If you not sure please contact your phones manufacturer who will be able to help you. It has been tested on some Nokia, Sony Eriksson, Samsung Phones all phones tested were able to receive files in this way. BUT If you not sure please check. Also you will find that other mobile phone file managers are available on the internet which can sometimes do far more than your normal manufacturer’s file manager.


By ordering the “Mobile Magic” DVD-ROM the purchaser confirms and agrees that they will never distribute in any way any of the “gimmicked gifs” to anyone in any manner for any reason, whether free or for payment and also confirms that they will never copy the DVD-ROM and/or distribute any of its contents in any manner.

Further the purchaser agrees that they may never resell or giveaway their original copy of “Mobile Magic” without permanently deleting any and all images and/or educational content from their Computers, Phones and any other similar devices and informing the copyright holder in writing that this has been done, whilst also imposing the same conditions upon the new owner. In other words ownership of this DVD-ROM is actually your “Legal License” to use the contents and as such ownership of the original DVD-ROM is required to legally perform and/or use any of the contents contained within and by purchasing you agree to these terms & conditions.


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