NLP Made Easy


(Neuro Linguistic Programming For The Real World)


Dr. Jonathan Royle is not only one of the Worlds leading Hypnotic Experts and Teachers, but also is a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or as he prefers to call it Nonsensically Long Pantomime!

On this mindblowing approx. 90 Minutes Long DVD, Royle Reveals in his own unique manner the True Inside Secrets of NLP and how to use them in the real world of Hypnotherapy, Change Work and even how to use NLP techniques to perform Derren Brown Style Psychic Miracles!

Why waste thousands of pounds on useless NLP training’s when for just £19.70p, you may now order this amazing DVD and CD-ROM set which finally blow the lid on NLP, reveal the truth and teach you Royles tried, tested and proven to work in the real world down to earth reliable approaches to NLP.

When watched in conjunction with Royles Two Training DVD’s on Professional Hypnotherapy and Complete Mind Therapy, you will end up knowing more about NLP that is of real use in the real world with real paying clients than many so called NLP Master Practitioners and/or NLP Trainers actually know!

In his own inimitable style Royle totally exposes the quickest, easiest and most reliable way to both learn and add NLP techniques to your Therapy Practice, into your everyday dealings with your fellow man and even for those of you with a Magical or Psychic background into your performances in much the same way as Derren Brown uses NLP!

Royle totally demystifies all the technical jargon which surrounds the world of NLP and as such gives you a greater understanding of NLP in 90 minutes than some three week long live training’s are ever capable of.

He is as always brutally truthful and he tells you honesty and candidly what truly works and what does not work in the world of NLP and as such this DVD and CD-ROM combination training set is not only the ideal introduction to NLP, but in truth contains everything you’ll ever need to know about NLP techniques in order to get started successfully in the real world of treating paying clients.

Indeed even established professionals and NLP Master Practitioners and Trainers will learn much from watching Royle on this 90 minute information packed DVD and from reading the accompanying course notes which for the first time ever tell you things the NLP “establishment” never wanted you to know!

Between watching the DVD and reading the written course notes amongst other Secrets, Ploys, Techniques and approaches you will learn:

*The Television Set technique to disassociate from the past and remove unwanted fears, habits, phobias and emotional issues.
*The Magic Mirror approach to instil Positive New behaviours, habits and emotions.
*The Magic Measuring Sticks Technique to increase Confidence, Willpower and Self-Esteem/Image and how this helps your clients dramatically.
*The Ring of Confidence – A useful approach to Positive Anchoring making Positive change even easier for your clients.
*Pain & Pleasure Therapy – rewiring the brain rapidly and permanently for positive change.
*Aversion Therapy – The use of Aversion therapy in NLP in the correct manner for real world results.
*Suggestion Therapy – How Royle combines Hypnotic Suggestion & Hypnotic Language Patterns with NLP in order to gain even more rapid and positive results.
*The correct use of Embedded commands and Subliminal Suggestion – this is the real work on Hypnotic Language Patterns and using them both in therapy and every day life.
*Future Pacing and how to phrase all of your sentences to make change work easier for your clients.
*Pacing & Leading – Watch Royle use this on the DVD and see how easy it truly is to add o your work.
*VAKOG – Visual – Auditory – Kinaesthetic – Olfactory – Gustatory – The simple approach to using your clients “Map of the World” in order to be an even better Therapist!
*The importance of the therapeutic Pause, ritualistic routines and timing in your work as a therapist.
*Pre-Suppositions and why “Mind-Reading” is actually useful in therapy despite what the so called Conventional NLP Establishment teaches us.
*Laughter, Relaxation and Amplifying emotions, feelings and beliefs!
*Use of Anchoring both verbal and physical and also witness Royle using Spatial Anchoring as you realise how useful this will be in your public talks and group treatment sessions and of course in everyday life or with individual clients.
*The Real world truth about Body Language – What conventional NLP has got wrong and what you need to know for success in the real world.
*Positive use of generalisations & pre-suppositions which in laymen’s terms means second guessing what people are going to do next or what they are thinking or feeling right now, learn this right and you’ll look like you truly can read minds like Derren Brown!
*Use of Internalisation and Externalisation of thoughts, feelings and emotions in therapy for rapid success.
*Use of values, attaching values to things, feelings, thoughts and emotions for real world therapy success.
*The powerful use of Metaphor & non-verbal Suggestions in therapy!
*Developing your sensory acuity & Calibration skills to such a level that many will think you are truly Psychic – Three Enjoyable exercises to practice at home which will make you a far better therapist!
*Improvisation and flexibility the key secrets of NLP success in real world.
*Use of NLP whilst client is in Trance and some never before revealed secrets of gaining trance whilst using NLP approaches!
*The Elman eye closure technique and turning this into a rapid NLP induction.
*Obtaining Arm Catalepsy with ease and converting this into a hugely powerful deepening technique.
*Other ways to deepen the trance and examples of using embedded commands to gain trance states.
*The client does it all themselves induction, NLP language patterns at their best to guarantee a trance state in your clients without the need for long winded inductions – this works every time!
*The successful use of The Law of reversed Effort and the magical power of the word “Try” – best ways to use it in therapy & NLP revealed.
*Awakening your clients fully and safely from their trance states.
*Compounding Suggestions to gain deeper trances and more rapid Positive changes for your clients.
*A complete step by step written guide fully explaining in simple layman’s terms all of the NLP technical jargon, what it really means and how to really use these techniques in your own work!
*Royle then also explains how he combined all of the most powerful NLP real world techniques into his approach of “Complete Mind Therapy” which enables you to successfully treat most any person, with most any problem within a single session of far less than an hour!
*Last but not least Royle demonstrates and then explains in a simple step by step manner a mindblowing apparent display of Psychic Mindpower which works every time and is the ideal way to practise your new NLP skills in the real world! This is the Ultimate Mind Trick as Royle also teaches how to use this to make Positive Changes in your clients without them even realising!
*Yes, this “Mind Trick” is the ultimate cover for embedded commands, subliminal suggestions and obtaining Covert Trance States and change in your clients, indeed it is worth many times the cost of this DVD and CD-ROM training package alone!
Whatever your skill level, prior experience or lack of it, for those of you wanting to be the best therapist you can be this is a must have training item.

Indeed the contents of this DVD and CD-ROM package are also invaluable study material for all Psychic Entertainers, Magicians wanting to add true emotional magic to their shows and indeed for anyone who does any form of Public Speaking.

The True real World Secrets of NLP and Covert Hypnotic Influence can now be yours for just £19.70

This DVD will be supplied in the format suitable for the country you are in, eg PAL for Europe or NTSC for USA/Canada


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