Past Life Regression


(Discover How To Easily Earn £50 ($100) to £100 ($200) An Hour Helping People To Safely Explore Their Past Life Experience’s)

*Or Perhaps You’d Prefer To Conduct Stage Demonstration’s Of Past Life Regression And Future Life Progression At Sell-Out

Theatre Venues Potentially Earning Thousands Of £££/$$$ Each Night?*



This Unique training package comprises of two DVD’s, a CD-ROM containing several books, manuals and courses relevant to the subject in hand and leads to Certification as a Professional Past Life Regression Therapist at no extra charge making this as always an unrivalled learning resource available to the limited few (when you secure your copy today) for a fraction of its real value!

Top Television Hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle has presented his “Evening Of Past Life Regression” Sell-out Show’s at numerous large capacity venues throughout the UK and along with his colleague Dr. Brian Howard who himself has conducted literally 1,000’s of

Past Life Regression Sessions with one to one clients over the years, they will teach you in a simple step by step manner

EVERYTHING that you’ll ever need to know for Regression Success!

On the two DVD’s you will witness Dr. Jonathan Royle presenting a complete Theatre Stage Demonstration of Past Life Regression.

Nothing has been edited out and you’ll see things from start to finish as if you were actually there live in the audience. From his initial opening talk to his suggestibility tests and amazing rapid hypnotic induction’s right through to awakening everyone at the end of the demonstration, no stone is left unturned and basically if you do as Royle does and say the things Royle says then you will get similar very, very SUCCESSFUL results!

Then by way of various complete written training courses and manuals which are on the CD-ROM and are EXCLUSIVE to us, Dr. Jonathan Royle and his colleague Dr. Brian Howard will teach you every nuance and insider shortcut technique to becoming a confident and competent Past Life Regression Hypnotist, including examples of adverts to use to generate big profits for your new business from day one!

As a SPECIAL FREE BONUS we’ll also send you Dr. Brian Howard’s complete two part Medical Hypnotherapy Course along with his unique accelerated learning system which will enable you to start earning big hourly fees as a Clinical Hypnotherapist helping people to solve and/or treat most any problem they may have from A through to Z within days of studying this course.

Just like all of the courses released by Dr. Jonathan Royle and his colleagues this training package gets straight to the point and reveals only the true, tried, tested and proven to work “Real World” secrets and techniques of successful Past Life Regression.

Considering that you will be able to charge at least £50 ($100) an hour for your services, this course is a bargain not to be missed when you realise right now at this launch offer price that your investment will be recouped the moment you have seen your very first client.

Remember this course is unlike anything available from anyone else, is 100% EXCLUSIVE to us and contains all of the distilled wisdom and techniques which combined Dr. Howard & Dr. Royle have been using successfully with people for over 50+ years!

Remember the price of this dynamite training package is due to increase any time soon, so take action now and secure your copy for

just £19.70


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