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Professional Close-Up Magic DVD


On this training DVD, Royle will teach you in a simple step by step manner seven routines from his working repertoire and also how to make an ingenious forcing gimmick which will enable you to instantly perform 100s of other amazing tricks. Amongst the many items taught on this DVD are:



An excellent “visual” penetration effect using a borrowed pen, a beer mat and an elastic band which is easy to perform and is a reputation making effect!


Royle’s way of performing Roy Walton’s “Oils & Queens” whereby 4 red and 4 black cards are shown, 2 red and 2 black are placed in the spectators hand and you are left with two black and two red in your hands. A flick of the fingers and now you show your four cards to be the four reds, the blacks having gone from your hand! Just as everybody thinks they know what is going to happen next, you show that rather than joining the other black cards in the spectator’s hand, all of the blacks have completely vanished and they are now holding the four kings!


Royle’s handling for the trick where you show the four kings clearly and slowly and then place the red Kings between the spectators palms and then just a few seconds later magically make them change places so that you now hold the red Kings and the spectator is now holding the blacks, this one blows their minds every time Royle performs it!


Royles handling for Alex Elmsleys classic “Twisting The Aces” effect, whereby one by one 4 cards take it in turns to turn face up in a face down pile, the more slowly you do this the better it looks and the more they’ll believe they are seeing things!


Royle teaches you an entire Cups & Balls routine using vending machine cups and ordinary everyday items. The routine is full of magical surprises, penetrations, vanishes and appearances with a surprise kicker at the end. What’s best is this routine will teach the new student invaluable information on misdirection and timing as it is applied to magic!


A variation on the cups and balls theme using a glass covered with a napkin or sheet of newspaper. The ball vanishes and reappears under the cup many times before changing to something entirely different and then amazingly the glass is visually pushed through the centre of the tabletop and heard to fall to the floor as it makes its way through the top of the table.


A small packet of playing cards is shown and the joker for example is shown to be on top, no matter how many times you place the joker underneath the cards it keeps jumping instantly back to the top. Then the gag is revealed and all the cards are shown to be jokers, but wait a minute with a click of the fingers they suddenly turn into a Perfect Poker Hand a royal flush of 10, J, Q, K and Ace of Spades!


Royle teaches you how to make a simple DIY card-forcing gimmick, which will go undetected by the public and even by some knowledgeable magicians. This gimmick can be used for 100s of tricks and Royle explains how to use it to perform a Card Through Window, Chosen Card on Spectators Seat under their bum and Card in Wallet, Bottle or Trouser effect which will get you thinking of many uses for this wonderful gimmick.


During the course of being taught these items, you’ll also learn the French Drop (for vanishing coins and other small items), The Elmsley Count, Hammond Count and Jordan Counts which are used in many other card magic effects. The Double lift, The Optical Count and loads of information on misdirection and how to use timing effectively during your magic. Both beginners and experienced magicians alike will find much of value on this DVD.


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