>>Secrets of Magical Mind Control

Secrets of Magical Mind Control


Secrets of Magical Therapy & Mind Control



Now You Can Duplicate Most All Of The Amazing Mind Control & Psychic Style Feat’s Performed By The World’s Leading Mentalists and Television Mind Magician’s With Ease!)

*Become A True Wonder Wizard & Master Of Mind Reading Able To Perform Your Own Mind Blowing 60 to 90 Minute Show With This Unique DVD & CD-ROM Home Study Course*


This Unique Home Study Course Comprises of personal instruction from Dr. Jonathan Royle on the DVD’s and also numerous books, manual’s and courses which are supplied on the accompanying CD-ROM.

DVD set supplied in the viewing format to suit your country

If you’ve ever seen the Likes of Derren Brown on Television and wondered how did he do that? Then let us tell you now it has nothing to do with NLP and for the first time ever on DVD Dr. Jonathan Royle will reveal to you in a simple step by step manner all of TV’s Most Mind Blowing “Mind Control” Secrets and what’s more he will also teach you how to integrate them into your business and private life to get speedier results with your clients and enhance your life.

If you want to truly look like a Miracle Mind Reader or pass yourself off as a genuine Psychic or Clairvoyant then you need to buy this 3 Volume DVD and CD set today!

Royle demonstrates tried, tested and proven to work Cold-Reading techniques, the likes of which are used by Derek Ackorah, John Edwards and other so called genuine Psychics and then he teaches how to apparently make contact with the dead and actually give specific information like names, dates and places thanks to a technique called the Centre Tear which has been closely guarded by Mentalists & Psychics for years.

He also discusses and explains in depth how to perform many of Derren Browns most famous routine such as making a bookie pay out on a losing Horse or Dog Betting ticket and in fact blows the lid on just about every one of Derrens most closely guarded Secrets, Routines, Ploys and Stunts which have never been revealed correctly elsewhere until now!

You’ll learn the true secrets of the Psychological Entertainer, how to mentally force people to choose specific items such as Furniture, Colours, Single Digit Numbers, Flowers, Wild Animals, Double Digit Numbers, Shapes, Places, Vegetables, Forms of Transport, Playing Cards, Words, and much, much more!

You’ll learn the true inside secrets of the “Dual Reality Principle”, see it demonstrated and then be taught how to use this mind-blowing secret to duplicate just about everything Derren Brown or any other famous Mentalist or Psychic has ever done on TV.

You’ll also learn several complete Mentalism and Psychic Routines which all use everyday objects or the items supplied on the enclosed CD-ROM which comes with the course and alone is worth a fortune to any working or wannabe Mentlaist or Magician.

Master Copies for most all of the props required are included on the CDROM in Microsoft Word or Publisher format so you may print them out on your computer at home and start performing these reputation making routines rapidly, and the others can easily be constructed using everyday items which you will probably find around the house.

Indeed you’ll learn enough Professional Mentalism, Psychological Entertainer Secrets and Psychic Ploys on this Ten Disc Set to enable you to perform a complete Two Hour Theatre Stage Show which will rival even the most established names in the business including Max Maven, Banachek, Bob Cassidy, Richard Osterlind and other leading names.

This is a totally new and different set to the “Hypno Tricks” set and contains brand new techniques


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