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See Saw Rapid Inductions



Whether you’re a fan of Anthony Jacquins “Reality is Plastic” or you prefer such titles as Speed Trance & Street Trance by Richard Nongard & John Cerbone, either way this Amazing New 3 DVD Home Study Package is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!



You’ll learn Inductions which “Zap” them into Instant Deep Hypnotic Trance States far more rapidly and most importantly more safely and reliably than most any other technique ever released to the industry before.

Indeed this package also contains techniques which will work consistently in the nosiest of venues and even with the most sceptical and un-cooperative of people, making these new methods essential to add to your toolkit today.

ROBERT TEMPLE is an Award Winning Magician (Twice Finalist of The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year) and has traveled the world with his Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show all at only 21 years of age!

On this Mind-Blowing 3 DVD Training set he has teamed up with his original Hypnotism Teacher, International Stage, Television & Media Hypnotist Dr. Jonathan Royle to teach you in a simple step by step manner quite literally EVERYTHING you will ever need to know forGUARANTEED Stage, Street & even Clinical Hypnosis Success!

Amongst the New, Unique & Amazing Rapid Trance & Speed Induction methods which Robert Temple & Dr. Jonathan Royle will teach you are:

*The Ultra Fast Seated “See-Saw” Induction

*Robert Temples INSTANT seated “Crocodile” Induction

*Standing “See-Saw” Induction

*Standing “Crocodile” Induction

*Royle’s Falling Forwards “See-Saw” Standing Variation

*Royle’s Snip & Drop Rapid Induction

*Plus numerous other Rapid and Instant Hypnotic Trance Induction’s & Suggestibity tests which are invaluable for all Stage, Street & Clinical Hypnotists to learn and use in their work!

No stone is left unturned in this amazing 3 DVD training set which contains over 5+ hours of intensive training covering EVERYTHING you will ever need to know for HYPNOTIC SUCCESS…

DISC TWO – This is almost 90 minutes of practical demonstration and training along with interviews of Robert Temple with Dr. Jonathan Royle (his original teacher) whereby the viewers are taught EVERYTHING they will ever need to know about Stage and Street Hypnosis.

And of course they learn every element of Robert temples UNIQUE Inductions including:

*The Seated Mega Fast See-Saw Induction

*The Standing Mega Fast See-Saw

*The Seated Instant Crocodile Induction

*The Standing Instant Crocodile Induction

And also will learn additional methods from Jonathan Royle

*Royle’s Light & Heavy Hands Suggestion Test

*Royle’s Snip & Drop Rapid Induction Technique

*Royle’s “Falling Forwards” variation on Robert Temples Mega Fast “See-Saw” induction!

Also between Robert Temple & Jonathan Royle the viewer is taught every nuance of successful Stage & Street Hypnosis, and there are some HILARIOUS “Spoof Teaching Clips” in the Bonus Footage.

DVD THREE = This third disc is a DVD – ROM and contains amongst other things all of these invaluable items:

*Covertly filmed (on a mobile phone) footage of Robert Temple using the Mega Fast See-Saw Induction on complete strangers in noisy pub and nightclub environments and getting them into DEEP HYPNOSIS in less than 90 Seconds (and yes that includes his pre-talk, suggestibility test and induction which make this work so effectively)

*Some clips filmed on a Digital Camcorder (clearer quality but people knew they were being filmed) of Robert temple performing the Mega fast See-Saw Induction in various social situations on strangers and getting them under in seconds!

*Covertly filmed (on a mobile phone) clips of Dr. Jonathan Royle using various Instant and Rapid Induction techniques on the street, in nightclubs and at parties on strangers and getting deep and dramatic trance in SECOND’S.

*Professionally filmed training clips of Royle teaching his most powerful suggestion tests and Induction methods for use both on stage and in street situations.

*A ONE HOUR training video on Stage – Hypnosis with Dr. Jonathan Royle which is the original footage that Robert Temple learned his craft from and has enabled Robert Temple to travel the world and earn a fortune as a Stage Hypnotist.

*A 45 minute training video on Hypnotherapy and Royle’s approach of Complete Mind Therapy so that the student is also equipped to make extra money from Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss and Confidence Boosting Clients etc!

And in order to ensure 100% Success in Stage, Street and even Clinical Hypnosis for the student of this course, we have even included…

*Royle’s 513 Paged PDF Hypnosis Training Course which covers all areas of Stage, Street & Clinical Hypnosis and is the original text which ROBERT TEMPLE studied in order to become a confident and competent Hypnotist, this text leaves no stone unturned, covers every element of a successful Stage or Street Hypnosis performance and even covers how to make money and be safe as a Hypnotherapist!


The DVD-ROM will also include all of Dr. Jonathan Royle’s works on TRANCE ILLUSION and the use of Hypnosis combined with MENTALISM & MAGIC in order to make this the most comprehensive and useful “Real World” course of its kind on the Magical Market anywhere in the world today!


*A Section on “Trance Illusion’s” supplied with several powerful gimmicks (Based on an original idea and with kind permission from Kenton Knepper) and ideas for their use in Mentalism, Magical & Hypnosis settings contributed by such names as Marc Paul, Lior Manor, Lee Earle, Kennedy & Colin McLeod.

*Footage of Temple & Royle hypnotizing people in both Stage, Street & Social Situations…

*Numerous further Induction Methods & Hypnosis Techniques from Dr. Jonathan Royle

*Almost an entire Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show Performance from Robert Temple

*513 Page PDF course manual to supplement the 5+ Hrs video training

*Over 20+ Hours of audio instruction in all areas of NLP & Hypnosis.

*Plus many other INVALUABLE training aids for the Hypnotist & Mentalist

NOTE: Two discs are DVD’s & the third is a DVD-ROM. All are region free so will play on both PAL and NTSC players.

RRP: £47.00 (UK Sterling)


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