>>Set of 3 Royle & Lee Group Session DVDs

Set of 3 Royle & Lee Group Session DVDs






*Then read on to Discover How You To Could Earn over £3,000+ for Just 3 Hrs Work As a Therapist!

*At last Dr. Jonathan Royle reveals his closely guarded secret of easily making between £1,000 to £2,000 per hour running group Complete Mind Therapy Treatment Sessions.
*Become a fly on the wall as you watch the DVD of an Actual Hypnotic Weight Loss Seminar attended by over 44 people who paid £37 each, yes that’s a total of £1628 for an hour’s Easy Enjoyable Work!

*Then Become a Fly on the wall as you watch the Second DVD of an Actual real world Smoking Cessation Seminar attended by over 33 people who paid £37 each, yes that’s over £1221 for another easy hours work.

*And then discover the True Real World, tried, tested and proven to work Secrets of Making Maximum Money for minimum time and effort running Group Complete Mind Therapy Sessions as you witness an approx. 60 mins long Masterclass run by Dr. Jonathan Royle for a select handful of eight specially invited Therapists who paid £97 each for this hour of invaluable marketing and money making advice from Royle alone – yes that’s another £776 made by Royle in the same night for another easy hours work.

*No stone is left unturned and everything is clearly explained to ensure your financially rewarding success. On the night these DVD’s were filmed in November 2005 Royle made £3625 on the actual night and the events also led to him getting numerous attendees signing up for one to one treatment at a charge of £250 per hour, in other words this was a massively profitable night and when you do the same things in the same way as Royle exclusively reveals on these Limited Edition DVD’s you to will easily be able to make MASSIVE PROFITS running Group Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Phobia Removal and Self-Confidence treatment seminars.

*You’ll also received as well as the THREE MIND BLOWING DVD’s an invaluable Audio Compact Disc containing two approx 18+ minute long Audio Treatment Tracks which have been professionally recorded in a studio and come to you as part of this package with permission to copy them and supply them to your clients. One recording is the back up treatment for Weight Loss and one is the proven to work back up treatment for Smoking Cessation. You’ll be able to make a fortune selling these via your Internet Sites as well as ensuring you have an unrivalled treatment success rate for group sessions by giving these to all attendees as a “FREE GIFT” with a perceived value of £19.95 each!

*The deal gets even sweeter when you realise also that Royle will also send you a CD-ROM containing examples of all the advertising materials used to get people to attend the actual group treatment events shown on the DVD;s, this CD-ROM will also contain Master Copies of the A4 Advice Handout Sheet which is also given to all attendees of Royle’s Group Sessions events in order to ensure that they lose Weight and/or remain a non smoker!

*Order Now and Royle will also include on the CD-ROM several very valuable Free Gifts as follows; You’ll be sent a copy of his training manual “Make A Million From Hypnosis” (RRP: £39) which contains all the advice, secrets and marketing materials to enable you to easily earn £250+ from each and every personal one to one client you ever treat, and as we stated earlier you’ll have clients queuing at your door as a result of holding these group treatment seminars!

*The CD-ROM will also contain the entire text of Royles Home Study course “The Professional Art of Stage Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Complete Mind therapy” which will take even the novice to advanced professional standard with ease, enabling them to treat most any person, with most any problem within a single 60 minute session with great success!

*Best of all the entire Complete Mind Therapy Treatment Script is included on the CD-ROM so that in conjunction with watching the DVD’s you will be able to learn what many experts consider to be the most powerful treatment approach ever devised for successful use with most every problem and what’s more in conjunction with the DVDS you’ll become an expert in using this approach both on a one to one basis and also for group sessions.

*You’ll learn secrets of obtaining Free Media Publicity for your business which will save you massive amounts on your marketing costs, increase your profile and ultimately help you make more money from your business!

*Last but by no means least you will also learn THE MOST VALUABLE AND CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET OF ALL, how to make thousands of pounds from group treatment sessions in such a manner that all of the advertising, room hire and such like is done and paid for by somebody else at THEIR EXPENSE and in such a manner that you are likely to get at least 40+ Clients at each Session who are DELIGHTED to pay between £37 to £47 each and in such a manner that all you have to do is show up and run the treatment session. SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? – Well then you need to buy this Exclusive Limited Edition package and Discover this tried, tested and proven to work secret today!

*Oh and we almost forget YOUR PACKAGE WILL ALSO INCLUDE details of How to Become Legally certified as an OFFICIAL COMPLETE MIND THERAPIST at no extra charge to you, and also details of obtaining other VALUABLE Certifications at no additional Charge.

*THIS AMAZING LIMITED EDITION PACKAGE CONTAINS, Three Mind Blowing DVD’s in either UK Pal or NTSC formats, an Audio Compact Disc master Copy which comes with duplication rights (for audio cd only) and a CD-ROM containing all of the other information you need to be earning a fortune from your business.



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