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Special Courses Offer Inc Group Sessions




A complete home study course in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Complete Mind Therapy and associated subjects.

PLUS 5 Disc Royle & Lee group Sessions set included

Endorsed & Accredited by

The NLPPA www.nlppa.info

The Mindcare Organisation Ltd, UK

The Personal Development Associates Inc, USA

Contained within this amazing bumper package are the following DVD’s.

01) Secrets of Professional Hypnotherapy Volume 1.
On this DVD Top British Television Hypnotist and Mind Therapist to the Stars Jonathan Royle teaches you in a simple step by step manner how to treat most any problem, with most any client in a single sixty minute session.
Royle teaches you the structure of his unique treatment method Complete Mind Therapy (CMT) which combines the most powerful and effective elements of NLP, Suggestion Therapy, Pain & Pleasure Therapy and other approaches into a tried, tested and proven to work approach which is beyond compare!
No stone is left unturned and you are taught everything you’ll need to know to become both confident and competent as a Professional Mind Therapist!
Amongst the numerous subjects and techniques both taught, demonstrated and explained upon this first volume are:
*The Introductory Talk & Gaining Rapport with Clients
*The Fingers Closing Together Pre-Induction Test
*The Eyes Follow Thumb Rotation Convincer
*The Guaranteed Locked Hands Experiment
*The Guaranteed Locked Hands Over Face Rapid Induction
*The Rapid Muscular Relaxation Trance Deepener
*The Staircase of Relaxation Deepening
*The Warm Comfy Bed Technique
*The School Blackboard Method
*The use of Direct Positive & Negative Suggestions
*The Use of Aversion Therapy
*The Use of Pain & Pleasure Therapy
*The TV Set get rid of the past Visualisation
*The Magic Mirror – Create Your New Future Technique
*Use of the Magic Ruler Visualisation to Increase Willpower
*Magic Ruler to Increase Self-Confidence
*Magic Ruler to Increase Self-Esteem
*Using the Major Post Hypnotic Suggestion
*The Post Session Home Use Self-Help Tape
*Other Invaluable Hints, Ploys & Techniques for Success
*Combining it all to make a Complete Mind Therapy Session
02) Secrets of Professional Hypnotherapy Volume 2.

This is in the opinion of many leading experts one of the leading HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING DVD’s AVAILABLE!

Become a fly on the wall as you watch Top Celebrity Mind Therapist and British Television Hypnotist Jonathan Royle conduct a genuine Stop-Smoking Treatment session.

Using a combination of Suggestion Hypnotherapy, NLP and his own innovation of Complete Mind Therapy you will witness how Royle successfully stops people smoking with a single approx. 45-minute treatment session.

Useful advice on all areas of Hypnotherapy is contained on this DVD, but witnessing Royle’s voice tones, body postures, word structure and learning his unique, tried, tested and proven to work method of Complete Mind Therapy will be a valuable addition to any intelligent Hypnotist.

Advice is also given on how to use this treatment method and session structure to treat most any problem ever presented to you with just one single treatment session ranging from 40 to 60 minutes.

This information is worth a fortune and more importantly could earn you one to!

You will also receive a total of five MP3 audio CD tracks, which are dynamite as follows:

1) Hypnotherapy Secrets.

2) Psychotherapy/Counselling Secrets.

3) Shadow Tape (Hypnotic music) Copyright Free master tape.

4/5) Phobias/Self-Hypnosis Copyright Free Master.

You may copy and resell the copyright free audio’s ONLY as part of your hypnotic business and make big bucks!

In addition to these audio tapes there are 2 “Magical Wizzard” MP3 CD tracks produced by the international Hypnotherapist Robert Siegel which contain a combination of pioneering deeper learning strategies of Dr Milton Erickson and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the titles include:-

01) BE CONFIDENT – Be fortified with tremendous resources of confident energy. Sense your new positive expectancy – the exhilarating, liberating feeling that you can create the life you always dreamed!!!

02) LOSE WEIGHT & STAY IN SHAPE – Liberate your natural motivation to eat the right foods when really hungry – and be guided toward a thinner… firmer…healthier…and more gratifying life!!

03) STOP SMOKING – Release your natural, compelling desire to breathe freely, and live with more energy…vitality! Sense a potent relaxing force guiding you to be a permanent fresh, clean air breather!!

04) BE RELAXED – Enjoy a more enlightened life-perception! Once stressful times now perceived as opportunities to keep your composure… your body naturally responding with that wonderful feeling of relaxation!

05) DRAW LOVE INTO YOUR LIFE – Enjoy the self-assured freedom to express what’s uniquely beautiful about you! Sense…your renewed confidence naturally attracting that romantic relationship into your life!!!

06) BE A MASTER MIND – SUPER LEARNER – Recapture the excitement of the learning adventure – and finally realize your infinite learning potential! Expand your memory – and creative capabilities!!!

07) DRAW PROSPERITY INTO YOUR LIFE – Finally actualize your life’s true potential – that aspiration that makes you feel most alive!! Powerfully draw more prosperity – into your more enriching life!!!

08) MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE – Be fortified with renewed resolution and release your resourcefulness to surmount any life challenge. Sense your strong, positive conviction: You can achieve your dreams!

You will also receive copies of all the following printed style training courses, books and materials written by Jonathan Royle (all supplied on a CDROM)


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