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Special Stage Hypnosis Bumper Offer




A complete home study course in Stage Hypnosis, Psychic Entertainment, Mentalism, Cold-Reading and related subjects by Top British Hypnotist and Psychic Entertainer Jonathan Royle.

Contained within this amazing bumper package are all of the following DVD’s.

1) Secrets of Professional Stage Hypnosis Volume 1.

On the first volume of this trilogy you will be taught in a simple step by step manner numerous Suggestibility Tests which used the way Royle teaches are guaranteed to work on almost everybody all of the time! You’ll also learn four powerful professional rapid induction techniques and by the end of this volume will be on the correct path for success as a Stage Hypnotist!

Items included and taught on Volume One include:

*The Conventional Locked Hands Test *Guaranteed Locked Hands Test *Several Locked Hands Variations *The Arm Drop Test *Fingers Closing Test
*The Light & Heavy Hands Test *Eyes Glued Together Test *Eyes Follow Thumb Rotation Test *Various Verbal Suggestibility Tests
*The Falling Backwards Induction *The Falling Forwards Induction *Craig Williams Microphone Induction *The Powers Rubber Legs Induction

All of these tried, tested and proven to work in the real modern world of Stage Hypnosis techniques are included on Volume One along with loads of truly invaluable hints, tips and advice from Royle to ensure your success.

Hypnotherapists can also use practically all of the techniques taught on this Volume to great effect and as such this title is recommended to all.

2) Secrets of Professional Stage Hypnosis Volume 2.

On Volume Two of this trilogy Royle teaches you in a simple step by step manner a total of 15 different tried, tested and proven to work in the real world professional Hypnotic Induction Techniques.

Various Slow, Rapid and even Instantaneous Induction Methods are taught, many of which would also be of use to Hypnotherapists.

Techniques which are suitable for all styles of performing venue are taught, including methods to Hypnotise people when they are standing up or seated in a chair, in short no stone is left unturned and Royle also reveals much invaluable advice on all areas of Stage Hypnosis throughout this amazing tape to ensure your success.

Amongst the numerous techniques revealed here in Volume Two are:

*World Record High Speed Induction *Standing Handshake Induction *The Handstare Induction *Can’t Be Bothered With You Induction *Swaying Handclap Induction
*Guaranteed Locked Hands Over Face Technique *Eyes Glued Together Rapid Method *Seated Handshake Induction *Handwave Instant Technique *Finger Stare Induction
*The Arm Spin Method *Bodyflop Induction *Jacobsens PRI Induction *Facing Forwards Jacobsens Method *Sidney Flowers & Delavars Blink Technique

Many of the powerful induction techniques taught on Volume Two have never appeared on any training DVD before and as such this is a must have DVD!

3) Secrets of Professional Stage Hypnosis Volume 3.

This is in the opinion of many leading experts the leading STAGE HYPNOSIS & INSTANT INUDCTION TRAINING DVD available in the world today.
Starring Top British Television Hypnotist Jonathan Royle this DVD takes the novice to advanced professional standard in an easy step by step manner.

No stone is left unturned and you truly are taught everything that you will ever need to know in order to be confident and competent enough to presentyour own Comedy Hypnosis show.

Everything is covered, the patter, opening talk, various suggestibility tests, how to get people up to the stage, the Hypnotic Induction (with numerous methods explained of which at least FIVE of the RAPID/INSTANT INDUCTIONS have never been released on DVD before!), the trance deepening, post hypnotic commands, routine ideas and how to structure your show, awakening method and much much more!

Other DVD’s claim to teach you all you need to know, but this one by Royle truly does cover all you need to know from A to Z.

You will also receive a total of four MP3 audio CD tuition tracks, which are dynamite as follows:

1) Stage Hypnosis Secrets 1. 2) Stage Hypnosis Secrets 2

3) Shadow Tape (Hypnotic music) Copyright Free master. 4) Phobias/Self-Hypnosis Copyright Free Master.

You may copy and resell the copyright free audio’s ONLY as part of your hypnotic business and make big bucks!

You will also receive copies of all the following printed style training courses, books and materials written by Jonathan Royle (all supplied on a CDROM)

01) The Professional Art of Stage Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy & Complete Mind Therapy (approx. 400 A4 Pages).

02) The Bizarre Paranormal World of Jonathan Royle (120 A4’s teaching red hot cold reading and Mentalism)

03) From Zero to Hero (120+ A4 pages teaching Royle’s secrets of showbiz and media success)

04) Make a Million From Hypnosis (100+ Pages) detailing a complete step by step business plan showing how you may be able to earn between £50K to £110K per year working just a few days each week as a Mind Therapist!

05) The Lazy mans Guide to Stage-Hypnosis (120+ A4 Pages) This reveals all the laws, regulations and legal loopholes which enable you to perform legally anyplace, anywhere, anytime without any form of legal problems or licences being required, even in places where Hypnosis is banned!

06) Royle Reveals (40 A4’s = Teaching how to add comedy and humour to all of your presentations!)

07) Hypno-Tricks (65+ A4 Pages) This teaches how to perform a complete act or 90 minute show of apparently genuine hypnosis, without using any stooges, without cueing and without anyone ever being hypnotised, yet both the volunteers and audience will be convinced that they were under genuine hypnosis. THIS MANUAL ALONE IS WORTH $1,000’S TO ANY SERIOUS HYPNOTIC STUDENT!

A brief breakdown of the Stage Hypnotism Methods taught:
What hypnosis is about and how it works.

* How the human mind works.

* Rapport, observation, recognition, and leadership skills.

* Principles of verbal, physical and reverse psychology.

* Seven different suggestibility tests to use before hypnosis.

* Over thirty different induction methods and techniques to hypnotize people.

* How to create your own hypnotic inductions.

* Standard phrases which hypnotists use.

* Standard phrases for hypnotic inductions.

* How to identify the trance states.

* How to awaken people from a trance.

* How to deal with abreaction’s and hard to awaken subjects.

* A complete script and step by step instructions on making a successful stage hypnosis show.

* Lots of hypnotic gags for routines and numerous comedy sketch ideas.

* Invaluable information about the laws, regulations and red tape of the hypnotic industry.

* How to make money from stage hypnosis.

* And lots lots more!!!!
Nothing will be held back. This course will contain everything, which is of value to a potential Stage Hypnotist and/or Hypnotherapist who wishes to enter a profession, which has mystified people for decades. The course will explain in clear step by step detail all of the secrets, ploys and techniques that are used to become a safe and competent stage hypnotist or mind therapist.

These skills will enable you to enter this lucrative profession which can open new doors in your attitude and lifestyle that you never dreamed possible. This course will initiate you into a profession, which will fascinate and astound people including yourself.



to see exactly how to conduct your show…simply copy the expert in action!


This entire hypnosis course has been purposely written in a simple to understand manner with plain language and complicated words and phrases removed. As closely to the way the majority of us speak. This has been established as the best possible way to learn, absorb and understand information, which may be new and alien to us. Grammar and syntax will be thrown away in the interests of passing on the knowledge easily, quickly, enjoyably and effectively to you.

Hypnosis is a much deeper subject than most realise. The majority of the population is of the opinion that all you do is snap your fingers or swing a shiny watch in front of their eyes and then they will just instantly drop off to sleep. Well it is a great deal more complicated than that, yet at the same time if you are prepared to believe what you will be taught then you will realise that it is also far easier to learn than you might at first imagine.

Read, study and absorb the contents of this course, it will without doubt place you on the road to ultimate success in Stage Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. If you absorb the contents of this course which is filled with liquid gold knowledge then your success is almost guaranteed.

This course has been read by many satisfied customers. Some people just want to know about the mystery and fascinating subject of hypnosis. Others want to go that stage further and become entertainers as a professional stage hypnotist or help others as a caring Hypnotherapist.


THE HYPNOTISTS BIBLE BY DELAVAR – TEACHER TO SOME OF THE WORDLS TOP TELEVISION HYPNOTISTS (almost 300 large A4 information packed pages of goldust)- this is a very hard to obtain book and was once read by all members of The British Council of Professional Stage Hypnotists of which DELAVAR was once PRESIDENT!

It covers the true inside secrets of stage and therapy hypnosis and if you were to consult DELAVAR in person his courses are £1000’s PER PERSON, yet he reveals all his closely guarded secrets inside this explosive course!


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