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Stage Hypnosis DVD – Volume 1




On the first volume of this trilogy you will be taught in a simple step by step manner numerous Suggestibility Tests which used the way Royle teaches are guaranteed to work on almost everybody all of the time! You’ll also learn four powerful professional rapid induction techniques and by the end of this volume will be on the correct path for success as a Stage Hypnotist! Items included and taught on Volume One include:

*The Conventional Locked Hands Test
*Guaranteed Locked Hands Test
*Several Locked Hands Variations
*The Arm Drop Test
*Fingers Closing Test
*The Light & Heavy Hands Test
*Eyes Glued Together Test
*Eyes Follow Thumb Rotation Test
*Various Verbal Suggestibility Tests
*The Falling Backwards Induction
*The Falling Forwards Induction
*Craig Williams Microphone Induction
*The Powers Rubber Legs Induction

All of these tried, tested and proven to work in the real modern world of Stage Hypnosis techniques are included on Volume One along with loads of truly invaluable hints, tips and advice from Royle to ensure your success.

Hypnotherapists could also use practically all of the techniques taught on this Volume to great effect and as such this title is recommended to all!


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