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Stage Hypnosis DVD – Volume 2




On Volume Two of this trilogy Royle teaches you in a simple step by step manner a total of 15 different tried, tested and proven to work in the real world professional Hypnotic Induction Techniques.

Various Slow, Rapid and even Instantaneous Induction Methods are taught, many of which would also be of use to Hypnotherapists.

Techniques which are suitable for all styles of performing venue are taught, including methods to Hypnotise people when they are Stood up or Seated in a chair, in short no stone is left unturned and Royle also reveals much invaluable advice on all areas of Stage Hypnosis throughout this amazing tape to ensure your success.

Amongst the numerous techniques revealed here in Volume Two are:

*World Record High Speed Induction
*Standing Handshake Induction
*The Handstare Induction
*Can’t Be Bothered With You Induction
*Swaying Handclap Induction
*Guaranteed Locked Hands Over Face Technique
*Eyes Glued Together Rapid Method
*Seated Handshake Induction
*Handwave Instant Technique
*Finger Stare Induction
*The Arm Spin Method
*Bodyflop Induction
*Jacobsens PRI Induction
*Facing Forwards Jacobsens Method
*Sidney Flowers & Delavars Blink Technique

Many of the powerful induction techniques taught on Volume Two have never appeared on any training video before and as such this is a must have DVD!


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