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The One Minute Magic Business


The One Minute Magic Business by Sean Heydon (ebook) – Magic doesn't have to cost you anything. Thousands of magicians make money performing, and you can too–if you know how to market yourself!


“We all have learnt from books on magic, but you may not be able to show that magic without the bookings. Sean is a highly successful full time pro magician who has made it happen. In this book he shares the strategies that have brought him success. Studying books such as these will help get the benefit from those other magic books.” — B. Pedley

“Sean is right on the ball choosing the title ‘ The One Minute Magic Business’ After all, success as a magician really only takes a minute. It’s when you spend that minute to actively decide that instead of just putting an advert for yourself in yellow pages and then sitting back for the phone to ring, you are going to market yourself to your full potential. Well Done!” — John Harris

“I have bought the ebook and I think it’s great! Thanks alot for the great advice in there.” — Ross McCourt

The Effect
Dear Fellow Magician,

For some time magicians have asked me to share with them the secrets of my success. I have contemplated holding seminars and giving lectures. The truth is I’m just too busy! So in my spare time I have written an e-book.

As many of you already know I believe there is enough work out there for us all to live the lifestyle we want to live. So I am proud to announce to you a new ebook that covers booking restaurant magic, booking weddings, and booking corporate gigs.

I’m going to give you systems to get yourself residencies at restaurants.

I’m going to show you how to book corporate gigs and weddings.

As a bonus I will give you sales letters (copyright free) for you to use to make £££’s!

If you order today you will also receive my highly powerful “No Business Card Marketing Strategy” – this strategy was the turning point in my career!

I truly believe there is an abundance of opportunity for every magician in the world to live the lifestyle he/she wants and deserves.

Are you ready to make money?



Then add this ebook to your cart and start making money straight away!

Sean Heydon
Director of Magic!
SHP Marketing Ltd

In This Surprising New Ebook You’ll Learn


  • How to actually get the work
  • What to say on the telephone
  • Restaurant anecdotes
  • What to say in the meeting
  • What you are selling
  • How to be dressed for the meeting
  • What to take with you
  • What magic to perform
  • Overcoming objections
  • The magic of tent cards


  • How to get the work
  • Tradeshow sales script
  • Objections
  • Marketing ideas


  • How to write your CV
  • Example CV’s and information packs
  • What to do next


  • How to use Hot Leads
  • Hot Leads exercise
  • The example spread sheet


  • Face-to-face networking
  • Online networking
  • Top tips
  • Creating a referral-based-business


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